03754uCamp Trousdale operated from May 1861 to February 1862 in Sumner County. It was one of the largest Confederate camps of instruction in the state and served as the main training camp for Middle Tennessee and Kentucky recruits. To learn more about the purpose of this web project, click here.
Image for blogWhile stationed at Camp Trousdale, many soldiers passed the time and eased their homesickness by writing letters to friends and family or keeping diaries. Read the letters, diaries, and reminiscences written by the soldiers themselves to see Camp Trousdale through their eyes.
hattonHere you can find rosters and a list of those who died at Camp Trousdale. A collection of images of those who trained at the camp is also provided. You will also find recommendations for books and online databases that will aid you in research.
Cold Spring SchoolThe Cold Spring Community grew around a little country schoolhouse built by neighbors around 1857 on land deeded by farmer Thomas Baskerville. Here you will find transcribed documents relating to the community’s history.



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